Researching into sticky blood

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Louise Gergel Fellowship

c/o APS Support UK (formerly Hughes Syndrome Foundation)

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0300 323 9943 or 01256 423896


Media calls (24 hrs)

Mike Petrook - 07931 302 877 or email:

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(APS Support UK)

Further information about Hughes Syndrome can be found at the following places

APS Support UK

(Formerly The Hughes Syndrome Foundation)



Home Health UK



Rare Thrombotic Diseases Consortium


St Thomas' Lupus Trust

The London Lupus Centre

Lupus UK

BT - Never heard of Hughes Syndrome? You could still be at risk

Helpgroups and discussion groups

An International Support Group for people who have Hughes Syndrome/ Antiphospholipid Syndrome.  We offer support, help, understanding and information about Hughes Syndrome/Antiphospholipid Syndrome.

Have you had recurrent miscarriages and discovered you have Hughes Syndrome or Antiphospholid Antibody Syndrome? Or do you have Hughes Syndrome and are either pregnant or would like to be. This is a group for discussing your fears and worries, asking questions and supporting each other.

APS Foundation of America - Friends and support

Prescription drug information

Drug3k- Prescription drug information for consumers.

Media Links

BT - Never heard of Hughes Syndrome? You could still be at risk

BBC Radio Oxford interview with Will Stammers yesterday - you will need to move the bar over to 2.11 as he was interviewed

Kent on Sunday e Spotlight on condition of ‘sticky blood’- page 32:



South Wales Evening Post – Rare blood disorder was the cause of my seizure


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